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How to face the new awakening

We have been talking about changes, rebirth and new awakenings. The changes that we are facing in these times also require that we prepare to take on new personal, relational and social resources, and even reinvent the ways of making our lives sustainable. In this stage, personal coaching plays an important role in leading our own changes with emotional intelligence.

This is something that we have already heard, but still many people express themselves as if things will go back to the way they were at some point, and it is the first big step we need to take to begin preparing for the new way of life that we will find when the doors of our homes are reopened.

How to face a new awakening?

I invite you to recognize that the paradigms with which we habitually lived, are not the same with which we can assume new realities, as Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” This is how a new awakening also invites us to have a new look, perhaps to see what we have not usually seen, to re-learn with amazement, as does a child totally open to discovering new possibilities, because he does not have the baggage of a past that he seeks and tries to use as a reference to act.

In the certainty that new, broader and enabling paradigms are required: in that awareness, practice detachment, look at the past to thank, forgive, heal and take the lessons that past experiences leave you. With the totality of who you are, open yourself to live each day as the only and last opportunity to live this moment. There is nothing more important than the present moment and in the totality of your full presence you will recognize the wisdom that inhabits you and becomes your guide to explore the new possibilities that will come.

  • Generate new mental habits and make sure you think big: Constantly observe the thoughts and the tendency to repeat old habits; dare to do different things to discover new talents; express, enjoy and practice many times those activities that allow you to develop those new talents; and enjoy the new learnings and possibilities that exist in you. Remember that you are more than your thoughts and if you think big there will be a wider and more powerful space for your being. In the creation of new habits it is valid that you try many and different things, so that you discover those activities that you enjoy the most, that you are passionate about, and that allow you to feel more plentiful. It is important to generate the habit to avoid falling into old practices that are no longer useful and in a short time the new possibilities that you open up will be natural for you.
  • Even when you create new habits, there is one that is the most important of all: Do not identify with your mind. The mind tries to adapt, so with a new learning the mind returns to wanting to take control with the new model. Remember, life is constantly being renewed and this means, we will continue to change and need to learn new things, as well as continue expanding paradigms. The invitation then, is to be a permanent apprentice of life, to live the passion of each moment totally renewed, to release the desire for the control and open ourselves to be guided by the wisdom that is born from a loving heart open to contribute to the evolution of the human soul.
  • Last but not least, I suggest you take care of yourself, your body and your well-being. Self-love begins with the capacity for self-care, and then having the sensitivity to take care of others and connect with the true enjoyment of our passage through the earth, so, enjoy, laugh, love, and make another human being happy.

We do not know what the future will bring us, the truth is that the past will no longer return. This is not bad news, this is a gift, because this present is so, it brings us the possibility of making a new work of art with our lives, you are the artist and you can start today. Dare to imagine the new world and begin to be that human being that we need in the new reality that you see possible!

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Omaira Giraldo Soto
Clinical Psychologist
Business Coach

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