Life is in permanent renewal

Personal coaching for adaptation to change

Our theme of the month in Open Mind Advisor has been renewal, and particularly with the worldwide incidence during these days, it is inevitable to go deeper to understand that we are not only invited to reflect on our renewal, but on our participation and contribution to the renewal of the entire planet. It is a fact and there is no going back, our old way of considering stability and life support is no longer sustainable.

Everything that is alive is in permanent transformation and change, from our cells that are constantly renewed, to the transformations of human groups such as families, companies and societies. So renewal is a constant, although we do not always experience it consciously.

And I want to return to the famous metaphor of the eagle to better interpret something that humanity is living today.

¨The eagle is the longest-lived bird, they can live up to 70 years.
But to reach that age, at 40 they must make a serious and difficult decision.
At 40 years of age, their nails are very flexible, which prevents them from taking prey and feeding.
Their long, pointed beaks curves to point against their chest.
Their wings are aged and heavy, and their feathers are thick.
Flying is already very difficult, so the eagles have only two alternatives:
Die, or…Face a painful renewal process that will last 150 days¨.

When renewal becomes inevitable, because our models are no longer suitable for us to sustain life, or to adapt to new needs of the environment, when our paradigms fail to resolve our adaptation to life, when the ways of surviving and relating have already been exhausted…

We only have two alternatives:

  • The first of them and perhaps the one with the greatest risk, is to see the situation with horror; we focus on the resources that have been used traditionally and from there, only there, impotence and disability live, the only alternative is death and in that way many people surrender, they prefer to avoid the pain of assuming a new challenge or perhaps the situation can take them so surprisingly that they have no alternative but death. It takes time to make the transformation, as it takes the eagle 150 days to prepare for a new flight.
  • The second alternative has to do with the bravery to understand the learning challenge that the situation offers. Taking the path of renewal and courageously going inwards, towards the retreat of stillness and silence to experience the transformation process, is the best gift that any human being can give to themselves and to our human species. It is not easy and that is why I speak of bravery and courage to take this alternative.

Like the eagle, who took its time to remove its worn out wings, its claws and its already useless beak, human beings are being invited today to strip ourselves of the structures where security and life support had previously been based. The invitation today is to listen to the wisdom of life, to open our hearts and not be afraid to feel the pain, to find the strength that is there inside, in your core, and especially to assume the true resources with which we can take care of life, our true support.

At Open Mind Advisor we have been undergoing a transformation process that has also involved renewing our support tools, our human team and even our products, adjusted to new human and business needs.

We are preparing to share with you not only our experience, but also our new processes, and we will stay in contact, committed to the best service to make the contribution to a beautiful collective moment of planetary renewal.

Today we want to invite you to prepare for your renewal by doing the meditation The Light of your Being, enjoy it and renew yourself.

Omaira Giraldo Soto
Clinical Psychologist
Business Coach

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