Results management system: A new-normal for education

While we are all aware of the tight anticipation and anxiety that surrounds the release of test or exam results. This uncomfortable situation does not appear to be improving in the middle of “the new normal.”

We’ve had to make huge strides in online instructional technologies and approaches, but the teaching atmosphere appears to be deteriorating.

The negative impact of going “online” is not confined to the emotional and mental costs it imposes on the educational environment; it is a bad outcome of a system that seeks to enhance society via knowledge.

These effects are not limited to students. Close relatives and educators are also victims of this culture.


  • Educators without knowledge of technological tools are forced to focus on test results as the primary goal of teaching. 
  • Family members must take a practical stance towards education. 
  • While the focus of educational platforms remains to produce good results rather than enriching students’ thinking through superlative teaching and a focus on developing their curiosity for the world.

Results in the management system for students are not the only solution to all these problems. Yet, robust results management systems for students have been showing the beginning of the revolution that our educational culture needs.

A student’s results management system makes exam results part of the process, not the goal!

Students are now pushed to focus their studies, on examinations rather than building strong information processing skills or cultivating a healthy curiosity about the world around them.

In practice, we won’t be able to do away with examinations altogether, at least not without a major shift in how we think about education. A results management system permits tests to be regarded as another stage in the learning process, one that helps us recall how far we’ve gone and how far we still have to go.

Allows continuous improvement by students

We begin to use tests to their full potential when we perceive them as another stage in learning. Test scores are more than a measure of how much content a student has absorbed. It’s also a good place to start for students who want to focus their studies more.

The management systems allows students to regularly analyze their progress while still feeling defined by a grade by sharing the outcomes of each class: the assignment, the project, the pop quiz, the planned test, or the final exam. This enables pupils to make more quick judgments and to adjust their route in real-time if they feel they are deviating from the course.

Builds a healthier testing culture

Using a results management system, educators can provide tailored feedback to their students regularly.

While we would prefer participants to grow up in a culture where their self-worth is not determined by their test scores, the world may take a while to catch up.

Teachers must be the catalyst for this change. Because a results management system ensures complete secrecy, sharing tailored feedback helps teachers to interact more with family members and students.

This is the first step in building a path to better learning and a healthier attitude toward testing. The second step is to contact us to plan an improvement in your results management processes

Omaira Giraldo Soto.

Happiness Manager at Open Mind Advisor.

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