Developing natural talents

We are making choices all the time. Some authors say that life is the sum of our decisions, which we make in different ways, namely: intuition, reason, feelings or sensations, and when we talk about choosing a profession, reason does take us over and we generally choose it for its field of action, for the economic retribution, for family tradition, or for its popularity in the market, among others.

Although the above is valid, we must bear in mind that we all come to life with talents and gifts to put at the service of humanity, which make us unique and give our life purpose. So, it is key to choose a profession recognizing well what those talents are, being very aware of our vocation which, in a few words, is that inner voice in action that guides us and brings us closer to what we love and what we are passionate about doing.

If we review the figures on job satisfaction they are chilling, in general the surveys tell us that only 15% of working people are contented with their work, the remaining 85% would like to change not only the company but also what they do on a day-to-day basis, that is to say that the numbers of work frustration are high, not to mention the impacts it has on the purpose and life projects of people.

If at this moment you are choosing what to study or want to make a career change, the first thing you should do is be very clear about your talents and strengths. It has been shown that people who stem from these are more productive, committed, and passionate, and that they achieve their goals with more ease, that is, they are more successful, in every sense of the word, in their professional and personal life.

We invite you to give yourself a few minutes and begin to be aware of all your talents, and of all the infinite potential that you can put at the service of humanity. If you need someone to accompany you in this process, we can do it with very interesting tools that facilitate decision-making to have a useful, creative and meaningful professional life. At Open Mind Advisor, we are here to accompany you.


Adriana Garcés

Human Development Consultant.

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