Libro: La velocidad de la confianza


Trust has always been fundamental in both our work and personal relationships. However, it is an element that we tend to take for granted despite the fact that we live in an age marked by corporate scandals.
There is no virtue more valuable than trust: every leader should learn to cultivate it and promote it throughout his organization. The reason is that trust affects the
speed and costs. If there is low trust, there will be low speed and the costs will increase. Instead, when there is trust, speed increases and costs decrease.

In this text, the authors provide us with a series of instruments to learn how to cultivate, increase, and maintain trust in the various spheres of our lives: personal, relationship, corporate, and community.

Libro: el poder esta dentro de ti


It is a book that offers the possibility of exploiting the inner potential, that allows one to free oneself from the moment in which one feels love for the person that we are, one progresses, it teaches that love is the most powerful force that exists, but one must start by loving yourself for the good of humanity.

Libro: el enojo


Anger is a fact of life, but…A family member makes an inappropriate comment about your child’s weight. The driver of the car behind is following you very closely on the freeway. His wife forgets to add gas and leaves the tank empty again. Life is full of frustrations; some big, some small. And even if it doesn’t explode, it’s easy to become bitter and angry as a result of upsets, hurts, rejection and obfuscation. Anger is a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to control your life. And in fact, anger can be used for good and can even change the world! In Anger: Managing a Powerful Emotion in a Healthy Way, the revised and updated edition of The Flip Side of Love, Dr. Gary Chapman offers helpful, and sometimes surprising, insights into why you get angry and what you can do about it. regard. Using real examples and transformed real-life relationships, Gary Chapman explains how to: – Recognize the difference between bad anger and good anger. – Use anger to motivate positive change. – Release the resentment that has been brewing for a long time. – Teach your children how to deal with anger. It also includes a 13-session discussion guide, perfect for small groups, and thought-provoking questions for each chapter.

Libro: los 7 habitos de la gente altamente efectiva


Basically, our character is made up of our habits. Habits are powerful factors in our lives. Since they are consistent patterns, often unconscious, they constantly and daily express our character and generate our effectiveness… or ineffectiveness.

As the great educator Horace Mann once said: “Habits are like threads. If day after day we braid them into a rope, soon it will be unbreakable.” Personally, I do not agree with the last part of this sentence. I know that habits are not unbreakable; it is possible to break them. They can be learned and forgotten. But I also know that doing it is not easy or fast. It involves a tremendous process and commitment.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are as follows:

The habit of proactivity gives us the freedom to choose our response to environmental stimuli. It empowers us to respond in accordance with our principles and values. In essence, it is what makes us human and allows us to affirm that we are the architects of our own destiny.
Beginning with an end in mind makes it possible for our life to have a reason for being, since the creation of a vision of what we want to achieve allows our actions to be directed towards what is truly significant in our lives.
Putting first things first allows us to free ourselves from the tyranny of the urgent to dedicate time to the activities that truly give meaning to our lives. It is the discipline of carrying out what is important, which allows us to turn into reality the vision that we forge in the habit 2.
Thinking in Win-Win allows us to develop a mentality of material and spiritual abundance, since it questions the premise that life is a “zero sum game” where someone has to lose for me to win.
Seeking to understand first and to be understood later is the essence of respect for others. The need we have to be understood is one of the most intense feelings of all human beings. This habit is the key to effective human relations and makes it possible to reach Win-Win agreements.
Synergizing is the result of cultivating the ability and attitude to value diversity. The synthesis of divergent ideas produces ideas that are better and superior to individual ideas. The achievement of teamwork and innovation are the result of this habit.
Sharpening the saw is using the capacity we have to renew ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. It is what allows us to establish a balance between all the dimensions of our being, in order to be effective in the different roles (roles) that we play in our lives.

The 7 Habits are not a set of independent parts or fragmented formulas. In harmony with the natural laws of growth, they provide a gradual, sequential, and highly integrated approach to the development of personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

Libro: la confianza


The life of every individual or organization oscillates between two states: triumph or failure. And just as success begets more success, failure begets more failure. So the secret to success is learning to encourage a cycle of continual wins, or winning streaks. The only way to achieve this is by building trust. Confidence is a feeling that permeates the entire organization and aligns expectations with performance; It is the element that allows circumstance external to the organization to be overcome. This text presents a series of practical tips to learn how to promote winning streaks and get out of losing streaks. Among the topics covered are: growth and erosion of trust and the art of building trust.

Libro: no es el grande quien se come al chico


Consultants Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton reveal how the most successful companies on the planet have risen to the top of their industry and have always managed to stay one step ahead of their competition. ‘It’s not the big that eats the small, it’s the fast that eats the slow’ contains all the secrets and tactics used to achieve great success in your chosen industry at breakneck speed.

In this way you will learn to:
Think on your feet by preventing and spotting trends.
Make quick decisions by applying rules and evaluating strategies.
Go to market quickly, exploiting its advantages and institutionalizing innovation.
Remain fast while remaining flexible and in close contact with the customer.

Jennings and Haughton have traveled the globe, reaching into the heart of the fastest growing companies to learn the methods they use in industries ranging from retail to fast food, from financial services to communication.

Libro: La iluminacion es la espiritualidad


In the summary of the book Enlightenment is Spirituality, the author begins by asking the following questions: Can it be said that in recent days you have not felt like a free and happy man, without problems or worries? Haven’t you felt that way? Well, you’re asleep. What happen when you are awake?. Nothing changes, everything happens the same, but you are the one who has changed to enter reality. Then you see everything clearly.

The lighting

Waking up is spirituality, because only when awake can we enter the truth and discover what ties prevent us from freedom. This is enlightenment. It is like the sunrise over the night, the light over the darkness. It is the joy that discovers itself, naked in every way. This is enlightenment.

What does it take to wake up? No effort is needed, no youth, no much thinking. Only one thing is needed, the ability to think something new, to see something new and to discover the unknown. It is the ability to move outside of the schemes we have. Being able to jump over the schemes and look with new eyes at the reality that does not change.

The basis of suffering is attachment, desire. As soon as you want something compulsively, that you put all your desire for happiness into it, you expose yourself to the disappointment of not getting it. If you had not wanted so much for your friend to welcome you, contemplate you, and take you into account; If you didn’t want it so much, you wouldn’t care about his indifference or his rejection. Where there is no desire-attachment, there is no fear, because fear is the opposite face of desire, inseparable from it.

There is an oriental proverb that says: “When the archer shoots freely, he has with him all his skill.” When he shoots hoping to win a brass buckle, he’s already a bit nervous. When he shoots to win a gold medal, he goes crazy thinking about the prize and loses half of his ability, as he no longer sees one target, but two.

His ability has not changed but the prize divides him, as the desire to win takes away the joy and enjoyment of shooting. Attached there, in his ability, are the energies that he would need free to shoot. The desire to win and the result to get the prize have become enemies that rob you of vision, harmony and enjoyment.

Do not imitate anyone, not even Jesus. Jesus was not a copy of anyone. To be like Jesus, you have to be yourself, without copying anyone, because everything authentic is real, as real was Jesus.

To wake up, the only way is observation.

It is to go observing yourself, your reactions, your habits and the reason why you respond like this. Observe yourself without criticism, without justifications or a sense of guilt or fear of discovering the truth. You have to know yourself thoroughly.

Things will only be when they should be, no matter how much hurry you give yourself. Reality is not something that can be forced or bought. It’s about seeing reality as it is. The truth is that you are already in it, you always have been, but you are looking for it, like that fish that went crazy looking for the ocean. The only thing that doesn’t let you see is your schedule and your demands.

We move based on prejudices, memories and topics. It is dangerous to live from memory, from the past. Only the present is alive, and everything past is dead, it has no validity. Even the future does not exist. There is only life in the present, and living in the present means leaving memories, like something dead, and living people and events as something new, brand new, open to the surprise that each moment can reveal to you. It is now that matters, because now is life, now everything is possible, now is reality.

Men seek and flee from so many things, and they do not understand that both what they seek outside and what they flee from is inside. You are trying to escape from something that is inside of you: your unconscious, where all your programming is recorded. And what you are looking for: love, happiness, are within you, you are yourself. It is the awakening to your sufficiency that will set you free.

The free person is the one who is able to say yes or no with the same simplicity in any circumstance. If sometimes you say yes for not disappointing people, that’s not love, it’s cowardice. A great exercise for love is knowing how to say no.