Practical guide to designing your dream map

All human beings have desired or imagined, at some point in their life, a different condition to the one they are in. For this reason, many tend to make their dream map on dates at the closing and the beginning of the year, on birthdays, marriages and other beginnings and ends of important life cycles.

However, there are those who ask me about the real effect of dream maps. The reason: after having struggled for a long time to have something that they believed would make them very happy, they do not feel that much desired happiness when they get it.

How can this situation be explained?

It turns out that, on many occasions, these dreams have focused more on buying things, having objects, climbing positions and achieving status (situations that happen outside), instead of what allows living an integral and total experience of satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

For that reason, I invite you to build a dream map that is born from within, that has to do with what really makes you happy that allows you to feel fulfilled.

Before starting, remember two important keys when building a dream map:

Key # 1: The preliminary questions are essential.

For the dream map to have a powerful effect, the type of questions you are going to ask yourself before building it are very important. Remember that the dream map should be that route that contributes to the development and expression of your potential in such an inspiring way that you have no other alternative than to lead your steps towards that realization.

Key # 2: Don’t underestimate the power of images.

Become aware of the powerful effect that the dream map generates in the brain through the images you use to build it. In them you will be able to capture, from the right hemisphere of the brain, realities or situations that you have already raised in your left hemisphere. Each time you manage to visualize something, you activate your limbic system, the one that emits the necessary emotions to mobilize your body to action.

Alright then!

What do you need?

  • Time: this dream map requires five minutes a day for five days (preparation phase) and another two days to create. (building phase).
  • Blank sheets of paper.
  • Pencils, markers, colors.
  • magazines,
  • images, photos, drawings

Preparation phase

Start by visualizing yourself in the future.

By future I mean the period of time of your preference, three, five or ten years. For five consecutive days you must answer the following questions. Always do it in different sheets so that you can’t see what you answered to each question the day before.

  • How would you like to be remembered by the people who interact with you? Correspondingly in the family, work and social environment.
  • In that future that you envision, what are the things that you like to do the most? Remember that this enjoyment is related to the feeling you leave on others, which you answered in the first question.
  • How is your life at that time? Visualize it as rich and full as you can and in all possible contexts.

When you get to the fifth day, take each question and review the answers you gave.

Make a sheet that summarizes the five-day responses to the three questions posed.

Collect inspiring images that symbolize your dreams for the next year, manifested in the answers to the three questions.

Find them on the internet, cut them out of magazines or newspapers, or simply draw them.


On the sixth day build your map!

Unleash your creative genius and let your artist express itself as it knows how to best. Choose the format. It can be on a physical or virtual board, the important thing is that you can see the dream map very often.

On the seventh day and like a good creator, enjoy your work, observe it, make adjustments and place it in a place where you can observe it at least once a day.

I hope you really enjoy making your dream map and, above all, releasing your best and most heartfelt answers.

Activate your potential!

Omaira Giraldo Soto
Clinical Psychologist
Business Coach